Saturday, April 21, 2012

hot sexy women on tv

Ok, admittedly I don't watch much tv, but I watch enough to post with Jennifer on totally hot guys on tv.... And so it stands to reason that I don't want to leave out any of the lovely ladies that grace the small screen so I begged and pleaded asked ib at habitual hobbit to copost with me for this one.... what fun indeed!!!!!!
I LOVE leaving everyone with some eyecandy for the weekend, so here we go....

Guests first, so here's what ib at habitual hobbit had to say:

Pauley Perrette - (Abby Sciuto) N.C.I.S.

Cannot tell you in words how hot this lovely lady is, and what's not to love?
She's smart. She has to be. If Agent Gibbs says she's the best forensic scientist, then damn it, she is.
In real life (whatever that is) she is a rock star. She has tats and she falls for stalker whack jobs. And my dad says that stalking chicks will not get me anywhere in life. I beg to differ. I started to stalk Stacey and look what happened, I am guest co-posting on her blog. Sweety, it only goes down hill from here.

Daniela Ruah – (Kensie Blye) N.C.I.S. L.A.

That's putting it lightly. She doesn't mind a little contact, as she has tackled several criminals in the line of duty and she can take a hit. She hangs out with Ladies Love COOL J on the real, yo! She's flirty, Hard to get (Impossible in my case.) and looks PHINE in an evening gown. Awkward boner. SHWING!

Megyn Price – (Audrey) Rules of Engagement

Not one that gets much attention by most, but that's' okay. I will attend o-o-over and o-o-over again. Don't know much about her "real life" but who cares. I need not know her stance on the wellness of whales in Antarctica, just get me a bottle of lot......oops. T.M.I.

Courtney Galiano - So You Think You Can Dance

Speaking of wood, did you know that the toe of a ballet slipper/shoe/thingamajigger is nothing more than a block of the stuff? Me either. You learn something new everyday. My wife told me that if I ever "ran into" Courtney at the local 7-11, I could nail her a picture of me on her apartment wall.

Natalie Zea - (Winona Hawkins) Justified

She is new to me, as I have only been watching the show for about two episodes, but any woman that wears summer dress's with the thought that said dress will be lifted slightly for some hanky panky, gets my vote every time. She also has a knack for playing parts that would fall under, promiscuous. (Yes, indeed.)

And now, for my picks:

1.Elena Delgado on Without A Trace
Ay, mami, vente, borinquena de mi corazon! Roselyn Sanchez is hot!
Normally I kind of prefer hot girly girls, but in this case the whole pant suit badass FBI agaent thing is a total turn on for me! I guess the show's not on anymore except late night Sunday reruns but if she needs someone to arrest I suppose I could take one for the team and kidnap someone.

2.Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife
Kalinda has all the awesome connections. She can dress it up, she can get her heels dirty if she needs to, she's tough, and she plays hardball to to get what she wants. Plus, she's smart and she's just beautiful. Nice!

3.Joan Holloway on Mad Men
I've mentioned it before.... advertising agency, liquid lunches, lounging around in bed for hours a day 'on the clock', every bit of this is sexy!!! Joan just exudes sexiness if you ask me. Joanie, show me how to fax in the mailroom, honey, and have me home by 5!!!!

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