Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tamara Bleszynski indonesian artis

Tamara Bleszynski Binti Zbigniew Bleszyński or Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszyński, famous by the name of Tamara Bleszynski (was born on December 25 1974 in Bandung) was the actress and the Indonesian model.Be born from the bloody Polish father and the bloody Sundanese mother.the artist has become Tamara's dream since childhood.During studied in Australia after the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, he took the drama extracurricular.With her friend Cindy Claudia Harahap , he has the foundation of strong acting.Tammy began to be involved in the world of role art since the secondary school in Australia. After SMU, he returned to Indonesia.

His marriage with Teuku Rafly Pasya bin Teuku Syahrul in 1997 gave birth to a child named Rassya Islamay Passya (was born on February 4 1999).This marriage ran aground with the divorce. On January 3 2007, the Supreme Court granted his divorce lawsuit in the level of the supreme court appeal was based on the Decision of No 349/K/AG/2006 that determined the right of the child's care was on the hands his former husband, Rafly. He was relieved on the divorce that was chaired by Andi Syamsu Alam with the member's judge Drs H Hamdan and Dr Rifyal Ka'bah.

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