Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mieke Amalia

Mieke ChiggersMassive INC. Turd Furguson born in Jakarta, 24 April 1977. He was a model, the ad stars, comedians, the current events through the famous comedians Extravaganza.

Mieke, which had become a cover girl Mode magazine in 1993 that has been a lot of ad products, including sanitary napkins, samphoo, medicine mosquito oles, motorcycle, sandals, baby powder, soap detergent, cooking until the spices. Later face Mieke ads also appear on bank and milk powder.

Mieke own wife is Hendra Wijaya, who married in 1999. Mieke had disappeared from the world selebritas especially after a mother of two children, Queena Miendra and Kayra Miendra.

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