Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hollywood Actress Rebecca Romijn Global Action Awards

Sexy Hollywood Actress Rebecca Romijn Global Action Awards Gala Unseen Exclusive Photoshoot

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Rebecca Alie Romijn (born November 6, 1972) is a Dutch American actress and former fashion model. She is best known for her role as Mystique in the X-Men films, and for her role as Alexis Meade on the hit show Ugly Betty.
Romijn was born in Berkeley, California, United States. She is the daughter of Elizabeth (née Kuizenga), a Community College teacher of English as a Second Language and textbook author, and Jaap Romijn, a custom furniture maker.Her father is a native of Barneveld, the Netherlands, and her mother is a third-generation Dutch American[4] who met Romijn’s father while staying in the Netherlands on a teen-age exchange program.Romijn’s maternal grandfather, Dr. Henry B. Kuizenga, was a Presbyterian minister and seminary professor.When questioned about always being glamourous and beautiful on the Ellen Show, Romijn reveal that as a child in her early teens that she was in fact an insecure ‘drama geek’ and as a result of her growth spurt she suffered from scholiosis and was constantly in pain. Many sources say that she was once nicknamed the “Jolly Blonde Giant” because of her 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) height, but she has admitted to making that up “for a laugh”.While studying music (voice) at the University of California, Santa Cruz,she became involved with fashion modeling and eventually moved to Paris for more than two years.

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