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Agnes Monica Indonesia Pop Singer

Agnes Monica is an Indonesian pop music singer, dancer and actress. Her album and the story goes released in 2003 made her popular as a singer. She is recognized in many Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. She has held concerts in Malaysia and Brunei as well.

As a child she became a singer and released three albums called Si Meong, Yess and Bala-bala, and became a presenter in VAN (Video Anak Anteve), Tralala-Trilili in RCTI and Diva Romeo in Trans TV. In 1999 she got an award from Panasonic Awards. In 2004 she played in two series, Bunga Perawan and Cantik.

Full name: Agnes Monica Muljoto
Call: Agnes Monica
Place and Birthdate: Jakarta, July 1, 1986
Father Name: Ricky Mulyono
Mother Name: Jeanny Siswono
Height / weight: 165cm 49 kg
Hobbies: Ice Skate and Badminton
Favorite color: Blue, yellow and black
Agnes Monica Indonesia Pop Singer
Agnes Monica Indonesia Pop Singer
Agnes Monica Indonesia Pop Singer
Agnes Monica Indonesia Pop Singer
Agnes Monica Indonesia Pop Singer
In 2005 she released her second album titled Whaddup A. She collaborated with US singer Keith Martin for the album. In 2006, Agnes was involved in shooting the drama The Hospital in Taiwan, where she acted alongside Jerry Yan, a member of F4. She plans to start her music career in USA. Agnes still has not started her “international debut”, she managed to win an award at the Asia Song Festival 2008 held in Seoul, Korea.

- SD Tarakanita, Pluit, Jakarta
- Peliminary HSC Pelita Harapan

Achievements: Readers Children's version of Panasonic's Best Awards 1999
Favorite Drama Star-Panasonic Awards 2001
The Meow, Yess, Bala-bala, Tralala-trilili

Early Marriage (2001), Lupus, You Pursue Me
My gear (2002), my girlfriend Jutek (2003), Amanda (2002),
First Kiss (2002)

Viva Romeo (Trans TV), Tralala-Trilili (RCTI)
VAN (Video Children Anteve)
Jas Juice, So Klin perfume, Biore Anti Acne, Caprizone
Natur-e Shampoo, T-shirts Poshboy, STIMIK AKI, Sakatonik ABG

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