Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meghna Naidu

Meghna Naidu in the present decade is noted as one of the Sexiest 'Item Dancers' to have made an everlasting impression through the sizzling shows on screen. Meghna Naidu was born in the famous region of Vijaywada in the state of Andhra Pradesh. She made her debut while acting in the movie called "Hawas". The film became an instant hit specially among the young generation, which was enough to boil the blood with skin exposure.

Name : Meghna Naidu
Gender : Female
Date of birth : Sep 19, 1980
City : Vijayawada
State/Region : Andhra Pradesh
Country : India
Meghna Naidu profile However the movie (Hawas) did not do well in the box office in the broadest aspect though it managed to catch the young ones by storm. Her next film 'Rain' also showed her skin shows gratifying the fullest desire of the audience.

But this is not a single instance. Meghna Naidu has done a remarkable dancing performance in the music video "Kaliyon ka Chaman" that earned for her the title, one of the few sexiest actresses in India. In turn it helped her a lot to be "Item Girl" of Bollywood.

This also started an innovative notion even in the realm of the Internet. Hot Meghna Naidu movie clip can be downloaded from the Internet that helped the Web base technology to be nearer to the audience of various spectrums. More than this Meghna Naidu Near nude picture and videos are also amply available in the Internet.

Meghna Naidu was booked for the first time in a Tamil movie made by Vijay T.Rajender. The name of the movie was 'Veerasamy'. In 'Saravana' she appears along with Simbhu. Other than this, Meghana Naidu has also appeared in a Malayalam Movie titled "Bada Dosth" by Vijy Thampi, that had along with her Suresh Gopi, Siddique, Jyothirmayi and Meghna Naidu.

There is great news that in the coming days Meghna Naidu is going to make her entry in the Hollywood. So what can we do except to wait and watch out for more sizzle! Meghna Naidu has already declared that she is ready to expose to any extend according to the demand of the script.

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