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Dana Delany

Name : Dana Delany
Gender : Female
Date of birth : Mar 13, 1956
City : New York City
State/Region : New York
Country : United States

Dana Delany, o here, tehre is tale that in spite of being a middle aged actress by virtue of her splendor can escalate the heart beat of a young man, not to seak of the others. She is an American actress in all dimensions of film, stage and television.
Dana Delany profile
Dana Delany profile
Dana Delany profile
Dana Delany profile
Dana Delany profileDana Delany is better known as for her two-time Emmy Award winning performance in the role of Colleen McMurphy on the ABC television show China Beach from the year 1988 to is to be noted that she has been a familiar face in the realm of film, television, and stage since the late 1970s.

In the early part of her career there were also good performances that included a TV role on Love of Life in the year 1979, in the television serial As The World Turns in 1981 and in the meantime on Broadway in A Life in 1980. Again, it was the west coast production of the controversial play Bloodmoon in the years 1983-84 that became her stepping stone in Hollywood.

The following years consisted of her small and ineffective acting in various films and TV guest spots that included an appearance on the Moonlighting in 1985 and three renowned episodes on Magnum P.L. in 1986. However during the latter part of the 1990s and early 2000s, she concentrated on roles in TV series, that includes the short-lived Pasadena in 2001 and Presidio Med in 2002.

At this time she also acted in the TV movies like True Women in 1997, Resurrection in 1999, A Time to Remember in 2003 and also in Baby for Sale in 2004. On the other hand, it was from the year 2004 to 2006, Delany appeared in a number of guest roles on TV shows, for instance Law & Order:Special Victoms Unit, Boston Legal, Kojak, Related, The Word and Battlestar Galatica.

She was also found performing in the year 2006 in the short lived TV series, Kidnapped. In the year 2007, Delany performed in the films like A Beautiful Life, Camp Hope, and Multiple Sarcasm.

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