Friday, September 3, 2010

Yuni Shara and Raffi Ahmad Lebaran In Bandung

Lebaran is coming soon will be the first Lebaran by the couple lived together and Raffi Ahmad Crossfade. Both also have plans to face Lebaran each, including Raffi visiting family in Bandung.

Although it has different plans, both essentially want to spend Idul Fitri with family gathered together. "Usually we bersilahturahmi to family far away. Unlike ordinary days. But if Fitri is the day to meet with the nephew that far. Deepen silahturahmi rope family and grandparents, cousins," said Raffi when the two met in the studio Dahsyat RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta West.

This is justified by Yuni, adding, "Just another rich family time yes, the first day would gather with family and friends respectively. Afterwards, they visited each other silahturahmi."

Then, there are plans to visit family in Bandung Raffi? "Still occasionally want to Bandung as a child, because baseball Lebaran absolutely no accomplice. Not there is nobody, so troublesome," said Yuni.

Because it took the family gathered with Raffi, will there be a plan that is more serious chat about their relationship? "If I meet him and still chat often, but if it fits Lebaran, it was different," said Yuni

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