Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beautiful Star Arumi Bachsin

Arumi Bachsin a beautiful artist who was born in Jakarta on February 19, 1994. she new artist Indonesian homeland rebound quickly enough name. Because of interest in the entertainment world began with its participation in the world model since the age of 12 years.

Year 2010, beginning Arumi Bachsin best sellers as the star of this video with both films. She had a chance to play 18 + preformance film that aired on January 26th, 2010 ago.

Indonesian Star Beautiful Marissa Jeffryna

Marissa Jeffryna Indonesian beautiful stars are born on February 22, 1987 in Bengkulu. Is. She began his career in the world model. Following its success, she also became a presenter on the show Looking for love match (Mencari Jodoh) in the Indonesian private television. Currently it is still a student in the Faculty of Law Faculty of Bandung Indonesia

Natasha Dewanti Star Soap Operas and Aneka Magazine

Natasha Dewanti Indonesian one soap star is born on October 14, 1978 in Jakarta. She started his career after becoming a finalist in 1992 Aneka Magazine cover girl.

She is the Daughter pair of Eddy Z. Hasanudien and G. Anitha Soekamto. Soap operas in which he stars is Jay Anak Metropolitan, Lupus Millenia, Panji Millenium, Doa Membawa Berkah, Sarmila dan Akulah Miki.

Trisha Dewanti itself is the wife of a married Dicky Permana on May 15, 2004. The marriage was blessed with a daughter, Chara Azalia Permana born January 3, 2006, and her second child was born on July 26, 2010, named Beby Raka Arga Permana

Natasha Dewanti Second Star Beautiful Baby Maternity

Beautiful Star Dewanti Natasha gave birth to a baby boy, Monday at 14:07 pm yesterday through a cesarean delivery. Babies who immediately named Raka Beby Arga Permana it weighs 3.1 kg and length 49 cm.

"The process is as rich in the first child of the fault, actually want normal but after 40 weeks of waiting is not no contractions at all, from the risky not good, it was decided fault," said Natasha Dewanti in preskon Medistra Hospital, Jl. MT. Haryono, South Jakarta, Tuesday today.

As to the name Beby Raka Arga Permana Facebook has a meaning, Raka means a situation in which being a full moon (full moon), while the Arga is respected, while Facebook is the name of her husband, Dicky Permana.

For Natasha Dewanti, Beby Raka Arga Permana is the second baby, after Chara Azalia Permana, who was born January 3, 2006

Anang Hermansyah, Diva Being Ready Aurel Guidance

Talent and desire to plunge into the world of music, which is shown by Aurel, Anang Hermansyah eldest daughter, received full support from Krisdayanti ex-husband. According to him, the most important desire is purely out of personal awareness and not because of coercion.

"If he wants to own Aurel and asked to me, wanted to sing like cheeks. The important thing is that he has the desire," said Anang when found at the Hardrock Cafe, Plaza EX, in the press conference finals Indonesian Idol 2010 to kapanlagi.com.

So what steps can be done by Anang to gush Aurel become a star like Krisdayanti?

"If you ask me, with a 13-year old Aurel still waiting to give a clear grip-grip. Because of the unstable dynamics of the old" he said while adding that Aurel middle of doing a recording with him.

And because it is familiar with the entertainment, considering both parents involved in that area, then the mental Aurel strong enough to be able to go jump into it. Although recently both parents often stump problems, but optimistic daughter Jasmine will be a long time to adapt

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Box-Office Beat

Not even a blonde-turned-brunette Angelina could top Leonardo at the box office this weekend. Inception was the top flick yet again. See what other movies made the big bucks...


1 - Inception: $43.5 M

2 - Salt: $36.5 M

3 - Despicable Me: $24.1 M

4 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice: $9.7 M

5 - Toy Story 3: $9 M

6 - Ramona and Beezus: $8 M

7 - Grown Ups: $7.6 M

8 - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: $7 M

9 - The Last Airbender: $4.2 M

10 - Predators: $2.9 M

Friday, July 23, 2010

Indonesia Girl Sexy Pictures Popular

Indonesia Top Sexy Popular Magazine News

Kate Beckinsale Hot Gallery of Pictures

Kate Beckinsale is an English actress. Kate Beckinsale was born on 26 July 1973 in Finsbury Park, London to actor Richard Beckinsale and actress Judy Loe. She has a paternal half-sister, Samantha, who is also an actress.

In 1990s, she worked on both television and films. In 2001, kate Beckinsale garnered international recognition when she was cast as the romantic lead opposite Ben Affleck in her breakthrough film, Pearl Harbor. Since then, she has acted in differet films like Underworld, The Aviator, Van Helsing. Beckinsale and her former partner Michael Sheen have a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen who was born on 31 January 1999. During the Underworld shoot, Beckinsale split from Sheen, who was also starring in the film. She became involved with the director of the film, Len Wiseman and in June 2003, they were engaged and the two were married on 9 May 2004 in Bel-Air, California.

Birth Name : Kathryn Bailey Beckinsale
Professional Name : Kate Beckinsale
Birth Date : 26 July 1973
Birth Place : London, England, UK
Profession : Actress

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sexy model gallery

Now, several years later after the golden age of the relatable model, we have come to a completely different era. An era where there are shows and contests of girls competing for their dream. A time where websites, like talenttrove and newfaces, allow models to market themselves and create online interactive portfolios.
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