Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indonesian Presenter Cut Tari

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya
Jakarta, November 1, 1977

Weight Loss : 45 kg
Height: : 162 cm


Cut Tari or complete Anasya Cut Tari Aminah, known as a presenter, actress, soap operas and the big screen. Women born in Jakarta, November 1, 1977, Aceh has a blood descendant of his father, Teuku Joesransjah.

Women who also is familiarly called Lilly, began his career in the selection of artists from the Cover Girl 1991. Starting from that, he was then the chance to star in advertisements of products, including cosmetics and Pixy Young teens in 1993.

Meanwhile, her debut in acting as a guest star on the comedy fairytale SKY solicitation star comedian, Harry De Fretes. Continues then bid on the show SIDE-SIDE WORLD (1993) with a role as a maid.

Until now the wife of John Joseph Subrata, has starred in many soap operas, where the dominant role as an antagonist and fierce. Sinetron-sinetron these include, JOURNEY, Melati, my prayers my hopes, BLUE CAFE, DEWI FORTUNA, LAMENT stepchildren and flattered.

Wedding Dance by Joseph held in 2004 increasingly crowded with the presence of a daughter. Beautiful baby named Sidney born by Caesarean Azkassyah Joseph in a hospital in Jakarta on October 10, 2007.

After becoming a mother, Dance is still focusing on the entertainment world, but not as active as before. Now he more often appeared as a presenter at various events, such as INSERT hosted gossip.

In playing their role as presenter of infotainment, Tari became champion in the event of Panasonic Awards 2009 in Infotainment Presenter category.

Performers in the world do not make dance forget presenter career in acting. He went back to active playing soap operas, Pelangi, INTAN LOVE, LOVE INTEREST and most recently the Hafizah (2009).

June 8, 2010, Cut Tari tripped on its side with the circulation of news-like video porn himself and Ariel (Peterpan). According to experts, telecommunications, Abhimanyu Wachjoewidajat, video is recorded for a duration of 8 minutes using a good quality HP about the period of 2006.

The circulation of pornographic video dance like him make a career in danger. On the same day the Department of Marketing and Public Relations TransTV, A. Hadiansyah Lubis, decided to rest my INSERT Dance as a presenter and also other programs that exist under TransCorp.


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