Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top ten male fantasies

Top ten male fantasies

Multiplicity, thy name is women. If two women to one man is good, a passel of pretties is better. This is the harem fantasy, each luscious lovely attending to her pasha’s every need. He doesn’t lift a finger, though his playmates certainly raise his spirits.

Older woman, take me in hand! There’s a reason The Graduate still holds up – up to a certain age, that is. It seems every “boy” wants his Mrs. Robinson to show him the ropes.

And speaking of ropes – take me I’m yours. Whether it’s the man hoping for the woman to dominate sexually, taking her pleasure (and thus prolonging his) or, the opposite scenario, the ties that bind might include ribbons, ropes or pink handcuffs; playful partners in domination and submission are a common fantasy that goes both ways. And often, involving a mysterious stranger

Roles in the hay: French maid, Nurse Nancy, or Naughty Schoolgirl. It’s a matter of coming with costumes, not just coming as you are.

Peeking Tom. You may not peep, but you sure want to peek. Watching your partner with another – man or woman – is a fantasy that comes with numerous variations. This one is particularly tricky for those who would turn imagination into reality. There’s a reason that fantasy is fantasy, and not necessarily taken to execution.

Top ten male fantasies


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