Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jessica Simpson - Maxim 2004

Jessica Simpson - 2004 Maxim Photoshoot

Kirsten Dunst - James White

Kirsten Dunst - James White Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian in bikini

The dress code was at whatever party it is that Kim Kardashian is at with Michelle Trachtenberg and Emmy Rossum, but I believe she might be a bit underdressed. Not that I have any real problem with Kim Kardashian in a bikini, but it's about standards. And, you know, not flashing your tits all around town like some fame-hungry, attention-craving, desperate media whore.

Avril Lavigne bikini pictures

For those of you who might not recognize Avril Lavigne, she's the girl from the Camera commercials. She might have also been a singer a long time ago, but who can remember? Anyway, here are some Avril Lavigne bikini pictures that can probably put to rest those pervasive pregnancy rumours. Looks like she's had herself a couple extra cheeseburgers of late.

Natasha Dewanti

Chachi Telesco

La revista Gente que es una de las más importantes de la Argentina realizó una sesión de fotos muy hot con la cantante y modelo también argentina llamada María Fernanda Telesco, alias “Chachi” estas fotos son excelentes y espero que las disfruten.

Victoria Pendleton en FHM

Victoria Pendleton posó muy sensual para la revista masculina FHM. En estas imágenes, Victoria Pendleton se convierte de una ruda competidora de ciclismo en toda una mujer sensual y femenina. Su cuerpo a pesar de ser atlético, demuestra unas curvas muy femeninas.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu - F4 Taiwan Wallpapers plus Profile

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu - F4 Taiwan Wallpapers plus Profile

Jerry Yan Wallpaper 1024 x 768

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu - F4 Taiwan Wallpapers plus Profile

Jerry Yan Pictures

Name: 言承旭 / Yan Cheng Xu
English name: Jerry Yan
Real name: 廖洋震 / Liao Yang Zhen
Also known as: Bao Long / Xiao Bai Tu
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1977-Jan-01
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Chinese zodiac: Dragon
Blood type: B
Music group: JVKV (formerly known as F4)

TV Shows
* Just Want to Depend on You (GTV, 2009)
* Extravagant Challenge (in production)
* Starlit (PTS, 2009)
* Hot Shot (CTV, 2008)
* The Hospital (CTV, 2006)
* The Wound of Fierce Love (2005)
* Meteor Garden II (CTS, 2002)
* Come To My Place (CTV, 2002)
* Love Scar (CTS, 2002)
* Meteor Rain (CTS, 2002)
* Meteor Garden (CTS, 2001)
* Happy Campus (2000)

TV Show Theme Songs

* Yi Ban (一半) Half, Hot Shot (2008)

* Magic Kitchen (2004)

Dylan Kuo Pictures plus Profile

Dylan Kuo Pictures plus Profile

Dylan Kuo Pictures Cool

Dylan Kuo Pictures plus Profile

Dylan Kuo Pictures

Name: 郭品超 / Guo Pin Chao
English name: Dylan Kuo
Also known as: Irons Kwok / Kwok Pin Chao
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1977-Jun-08
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 187cm
Weight: 77kg
Star sign: Gemini
Chinese zodiac: Snake
Blood type: O
Official site :

TV Shows
* Knock Knock Loving You (CTS, 2009)
* Prince + Princess 2 (CTS, 2008)
* Men and Legends (2007)
* Coming Lies (2007)
* 18 Jin Bu Jin (2007)
* White Robe of Love (2006)
* The Outsiders II (2004)
* The Outsiders (2004)
* The Rose (2003, cameo)
* Tou Tian Huan Ri

* Shamo (2008)
* Sasori (2008)
* The Longest Night in Shanghai ( (2007)
* Next Door ( as Ah Zu (2006)
* Embrace Your Shadow / 摯愛 (2005)
* Dark Night

Foto Dara & Mitha the Virgin

Photo of The Virgin Band - The Band or the Virgin is also often referred to as The Virgin Duo is her group of successful musicians lay Forbidden Love songs and is a figure of speech of late.Profile, photos, mp3, and all the smelly Band The Virgin always crowded decorate virtual media. In internet forums, for example, almost every day there is a new review article on The Virgin Band, and up-to

Aline Tumbuan

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