Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sexy Group SuperModel Photos

Its a posting milestone on bollyfeet with this post. This post completes 100 high quality(i hope!) posts on bollyfeet. Over the last 99 posts i hope you have truly enjoyed the wonderful artistic photos and wallpapers of actresses and models striking beautiful poses and showing off their curves, legs and oh yes their feet. My aim was to make sure none of the photos were in bad taste and offensive.
Now to celebrate the 100th post i present model group photos. Taken from different sources, two from the kingfisher calendars and the other one from a fashion event, it features beautiful models in swimsuit(and in one case not even that) doing a group photo shoot. Sexy babes, sexy bodies and one helluva photo shoot post.

A high resolution snap of girls in a pool having some fun in their swimsuits
High Resolution photo of Models in swimsuit

Beautiful models in swimsuits relaxing on a rockface
Beautiful Models in swimsuit

Almost nude models from the kingfisher calendar. High resolution snap of models without bra's sitting alongside a pool
Topless models sitting alongside a pool
Hope you enjoyed this update and we will have more in the months ahead!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Supermodel Vidisha Pavate Photos

The Ford Supermodel 1996, from being just another Bangalore lovely, to gracing the pages of the Australian Vogue, Vidisha Pavate is as international as they come. She has rubbed shoulders with other Ford models like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington.
Not surprizing considering her killer looks. Awesome body, superb legs and ultra hot feet.
Two wallpapers of her in swimsuit showing her long legs and feet.

Hot Vidisha Pavate in swimsuit
Supermodel Vidisha Pavate

Some bonus walls
Vidisha Pavate wallpaper
Vidisha Pavate  wallpaper

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tollywood actress Vidisha bare feet

Vidisha is an up and coming Tollywood actress. I guess she also looks pretty cute ;)
A nich photoshoot of Vidisha below

Vidisha Actress

I think i have said it before and will say it again. Actresses don't need to show their skin to look sexy. Vidisha looks beautiful in the orange top and yellow pant in these photos. (i guess you eed to be bare foot, ahh well the blog is about that but never mind, she is cute)
Tollywood actress Vidisha
Tollywood actress Vidisha
Tollywood actress Vidisha
Tollywood actress Vidisha

Sonali Kulkarni Wallpapers

An internationally acclaimed Indian Actress, Sonali Kulkarni is not only a beautiful actress but a talented one too. Even though she has had limited commercial success in Bollywood with very small cameo roles in Dil Chahta Hai and Mission Kashmir among others, Sonali is one of the few actresses to make it big in the international scene with her winning the best actress award at the Milan Film Festival for her performance in Italian film Fuoco Di Su Me (My Heart Is On Fire).

Some High resolution wallpapers of Sonali. The first one is for widescreen(1600X1200) and the rest are 1024X768. She has nice legs along with great looks..
Sonali Kulkarni bare feet on the floor
Sonali Kulkarni shows her legs
Sonali Kulkarni in Fuoco Di Su Me

For more about Sonali Kulkarni check out her official website.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hazel Crowney Wallpapers

After a lot of requests i recieved after my initial post on the amazingly cute Hazel Crowney, here i present two of her sexiest wallpapers. Ok sexiest is the wrong word cos she looks so cute. Very beautiful babe indeed.

Hazel Wallpaper
Hazel Wallpaper


Bare Feet Payal Rohatgi PhotoShoot

The sexy seductress Payal started off her bollywood career with some forgettable B-Grade films. I had written about one of her films in my earlier post on bollyfeet, and had at that time mentioned how Payal should look to change her image as she appears to be a better actress than what she portrays on screen. Well looks like Payal is listening. She has acknowledged in an interview that she did some bad roles in the past, and has shed too much of her clothes doing scenes that she should have avoided. She plans to do only good quality roles now. Ahh well thats good in a way. Erotic B-Grade won't take her too far anyway.

Here is a photoshoot showing her changed image. Payal Rohatgi Sitting barefeet cross legged on the floor, she does look quite beautiful to me.
Barefeet Payal Rohatgi
Payal Rohatgi sitting bare feet
Payal Rohatgi sitting on floor crosslegged bare feet

And absolutely ravishing in saree too...
Superb Looks in a Saree
Payal looking sexy
Payal Rohatgi
Payal Rohatgi

Naina Dhariwal From Maxim

Maxim recently did a photoshoot with Naina Dhariwal. While in my earlier post, i had mentioned i don't exacly like this babe, the photoshoot was a bit too hot to be missed so here it is in very high quality.
Sexy Naina Dhariwal
Hot and Sexy Babe - Naina Dhariwal

All the photoshoot pictures in Ultra High Quality:
Naina Dhariwal Hot Photoshoot for Maxim Naina Dhariwal Hot Photoshoot for Maxim

Naina Dhariwal Hot Photoshoot for Maxim Naina Dhariwal Hot Photoshoot for Maxim

Naina Dhariwal Hot Photoshoot for Maxim

Friday, July 27, 2007

High Resolution Kareena Kapoor Wallpapers

An out and out hot and sexy photoshoot. Kareena Kapoor posed for Maxim in february 2007 and these are wallpapers based on the maxim shoot. Ultra High resolution (1600X1200) wallpapers which would delight both the bebo(kareena's pet name) fans even those who don't like her(who are those guys anyway??)
She has drop dead sexy legs and such classy looks that will leave you stunned.

Starting off with a 1024X768 resolution wallpaper of Kareena. Wow look at the pose, look at the legs and look at the beauty..
Kareena Kapoor High Resolution wallpaper

And now the ultra high resolution wallpapers(1600X1200). Look at those super sexy legs.. wow... Kareena is super hot!!
Ultra High resolution Kareena Wallpaper
Ultra High Resolution Kareena Kapoor wallpaper

A marilyn monroe pose? We don't mind at all. She looks gorgeous anyway!!
High Quality Bebo wallpaper

If you want to see more wallpapers in same ultra high quality then see Kareena Kapoor wallpaper gallery. These walls have been taken from there.

Shilpa and Shamita Shetty Sexy Hotties

The Sheety Sisters did a photo shoot together long time back. I have seen individual photos from this shoot in low quality many times. This is the first time i am seeing the complete set in high quality. Must say that atleast two of the photos are super hot. Shilpa and Shamita both have sexy legs and long legs at that. Gorgeous is the word...Enjoy the ultra high quality photos

Long Legged beauties
Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty - Sister Act

All the photo shoot photos in thumbnails:

Shilpa and Shamita Hot UHQ photo

Shilpa and Shamita Shetty Super Hot Photo

Shilpa and Shamita Hot photo

Shilpa and Shamita Shetty together

Sexy Naina Dhariwal Photos

I am posting the photos but am planning to skip this post immediately with one more. I don't think Naina ever deserved the Gladrags Mrs India(yea she is married) tag. The only reason she ever got the tag is not cos of her looks, or her brains for that matter. Its easy to see whats identifies her and i don't think much about that. I personally think big breasts get ugly after a point, although i know lot of others might think otherwise.

Here are some of her photos showing off her legs, bare feet and yeah her big assets.
Naina Dhariwal Barefeet and looking sexy
Sexy Naina Dhariwal
Hot Naina Dhariwal
Naina Dhariwal in swimsuit
Naina in swimsuit on the beach
Naina shows off her big assets
Oops,, that last image got posted by mistake, has nothing to do with the blog... hey am not kidding.. what???
lol signing off with a video.
Btw please note, i take care to avoid any watermarks that link to adult sites. But i can't vouch for all of them. So be disceet.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sexy Indian Models From Gladrags

Bare Feet Gladrags Super Model

As promised some days back in this post, here is the second part in the series of hot models from Gladrags Magazine. I think no magazine in India has this kind of super hot model photoshoots. The models are beautiful and classy plus wear great swimwear.
See for yourself..
Bare feet model from gladrags
She looks so stunning in that white swimsuit and her superb pose. While at it, the model below ain't too bad either ;)
Super Model Bare Feet
Hot and sexy model
Wow what a hot pose there!! In blue bikini, the girl is looking absolutely drop dead sexy. Superb leg view too...
Hot Gladrags Model
Gladrags SuperModel
And like last time, here are some other sexy and hot scans...

Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel Hot Gladrags SuperModel

More to come in future...


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