Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Naomi desperately seeking ‘impostor’

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is troubled and has urged vigilant partygoers to find an impostor who is attending lavish events pretending to be her.
The ‘fake’ Campbell tried in vain to attend OASIS’ Brit Awards after-show party but she was refused entry by band member Noel Gallagher, reported contactmusic.com.
Campbell said: “You gotta find the impostor for me. Who is she? I can’t believe she’s masquerading around town as me. I wasn’t even in London during the Brits as I was on a modelling shoot in Paris. It’s not right.”

Monday, February 19, 2007

Britney’s hair may be auctioned

One of the owners of the salon where the ‘Oops’ singer shaved her head on Friday exclusively tells E! News that Spears’ shorn tresses were saved and may be sold for a good cause. “She didn’t want her hair. We have it here at the salon and we will probably auction it off for charity,” said JT Tognozzi, co-owner of Esther’s Hair Cutting Studio in Tarzana, California.
Tognozzi didn’t elaborate on a timetable for any auction or which charity might be the beneficiary of Spears’ mane, but he did offer new details of the buzz cut heard ‘round the world’.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Paris Hilton’ Valentine bikini is REALLY DELICIOUS

LONDON: Paris Hilton may still be on her selfimposed sex ban, but that hasn't stopped her from stocking up a pile of sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day.

The Hilton hotel heiress, who last year revived her romance with Greek beau Stavros Niarchos, was spotted browsing gift shop Aahs on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Paris reportedly spent a packet on an edible candy bikini and thong set, as well as other X-rated goodies.

“She picked up an edible bikini set, vibrating pink tickler and some raunchy Lovehearts. She spent about £250 in total on Valentine's Day stuff,” The Sun quoted a female shopper, as saying. However, it seems that alls not well in the 'Hottie and the Nottie' star's life, for while on the shopping spree, she also reportedly broke down in tears during a phone conversation with someone, the shopper revealed.

“Paris was wearing her sunglasses and was dressed in a black tracksuit with a pink skull and crossbones on the back. She was going round the shop talking to someone on the phone and crying - she kept wiping her nose with a tissue,” the shopper said. Meanwhile, Halle Berry's boyfriend Gabriel Aubry told People magazine, “I don't think it's about gifts. It's more about presence. You have to be there.

“You can't really spend Valentine's Day apart. I can't be in New York if she's in LA. It doesn't work. So I try to be there most of the time and that's more precious to me. I'm going to be with my girl.”

Jennifer Lopez goes Posh

Victoria Beckham helped Lopez choose the black outifit for the Golden Globes

WASHINGTON: Singer Jennifer Lopez is such a fan of fellow celeb Victoria Beckham’s sense of style that she asked Posh to pick out her dress for the Golden Globes. The Waiting for Tonight singer admitted that she and Posh share a “passion” for fashion, and that the latter had helped her choose the black Marchesa flowing frock that JLo wore to the award function. “It’s true, we’re two friends who share that passion. A while ago she came to my house to help me pick a dress for the Golden Globes,” Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Eva Mendes doesn’t mind selling her soul

Says she does it everyday anyway

LONDON: Actress Eva Mendes says she has no problem playing a character who sells her soul in the new movie Ghost Rider because she feels she does that a lot in Hollywood.

Mendes stars opposite Oscar winner Nicolas Cage and says she could relate to the character because of the tough business world thriving in Hollywood. “I love the idea of selling your soul to the devil. I kind of feel like I do it a little every day in this business — or every other day,” M e n d e s was quoted as saying by contact-music.com.


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