Wednesday, February 22, 2006

NEW Section... Discussion Forum

Hello guys,

It has been a long time I have interacted with you. I thank all of you who have been loyal to this blog and the effort to share the pictures (read: eye-soothers) of some of the most beautiful, ravishing, gorgeous, and sexy women from around the world!

To continue to give you the most, I am planning to start a discussion forum around the subject: Who is the most sexy girl / woman, according to you?

Guys, this is very serious effort. Please do contribute (through comments) and help me serve your "starved" eyes in a better way!


Gorgeous, Sexy Ladies... Part 4

Gorgeous, Sexy Ladies... Part 3


What a SEXY lady...

NOTICE the Slipping belt of her bra... WOW!!!!

What lies beneath????????

What say about this gorgeous, sexy lady? Simply gorgeous... Isn't she?

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